I had been waiting since the morning and it was the afternoon now; my hopes were disappearing. “Maybe they are not coming any more, maybe they changed their minds; after all my aunt is a woman who separated their mom and dad.” I thought that and I felt really sad. My cousin came in and he came to sit next to me. He smiled instead of laughing like he usually does.

“Slie why do you have hair under your belly?” he asked. I did not know how to answer this question, but his eyes told me he was dying to hear the answer.

“It’s for grown ups, boy.”

He continued. “Slie why don’t you have a pipe under your belly how do you pee?”

“My pipe is hiding inside boy, you can’t see it but it’s there.” He seemed to love the conversation and he seemed to be enjoying it a lot.

“Wow really?” he asked.

“Yes really.”

“Why is yours inside, Slie?”

I had to think before I answered that, I went quiet for a minute. “Because I am a girl. All girls are like that.”

After I said that I heard someone screaming outside. It was my cousin Ntombenhle. She screamed just after she saw the twins and she jumped to hug them. I stood by the door and looked at the gate and I looked at them, God I felt nervous. They really were handsome, more than I expected, and they looked exactly alike just like I was hoping.

I quickly went back to take a seat next to my cousin Andile, the little nine year old. At the moment I felt more nervous and I waited for them to come in. It took a minute and they did come in. My cousin showed them their bedroom, they went in it like they did not even see me on that sofa. After a minute they both came out of the bedroom and took a seat oposite to mine.

“Oh, Buhle, Kuhle this is Slie. Slie this is Buhle and Kuhle Mkhulu’s sons, my brothers.” My cousin Ntombehle did that introduction.

“Nice to meet you, Slie,” one of the twins said. They were dressed in smart, expensive clothes. They had soft skin as if they had never touched anything that was not healthy. Their eyes were so charming they looked as if they came from another planet, not this one called planet earth we live in. One of the twins took out his Blackberry and he looked at me as if he was trying to get my attention. I looked at him straight in the eyes and I did not feel anything, not even nervous. I felt nothing. I looked at the other one. His head was down, but slowly he lifted his head and he found me looking at him. Just for a moment we stared at each other and I felt so nervous, my heart started to beat fast and slow at the same time. His face went red and his head quickly pointed down again. I had never felt like that in my whole entire life before.

“Wow what a beautiful phone, can I see it please.” That was my cousin Ntombenhle. The twin smiled and looked at me as if I too was going to say I want to see the phone. He gave it to her but I could not take my eyes off the other twin who had his head down. My little cousin kept quiet as if he was not there. He just came closer to me and kept quiet. I did not ask to see the cellphone.

“Wow it’s beautiful, come and see Slie,” my cousin Ntombenhle said.

“Come on Ntombenhle, don’t you know a Blackberry?” the twin I was looking at laughed. He still was not looking straight, I guessed he was as nervous as I was. Maybe he felt what I was feeling too. Yes he did, I was sensing it and it was so powerful. I felt like with him around I can never be in need, I would not feel hunger, I would handle anything. I felt strong, I usually felt that strong when I was praying and I thought only a prayer can make me feel that strong but he made me feel that strong. It was overpowering. I asked myself what was going to happen. I did not know – all I knew was that I loved him, nah I over loved him, that was more than love. Love was what I felt before I met him, what I felt after I have met him was more than love, and my senses told me he felt the same, not any less but the same.