Two weeks went by, and there was still no news from Nkhenso. What was more painful was that her mother was not worried at all. Only her friend was. Nkhenso’s little brother was also worried. He loved his sister very much, even though their mother did not approve of their great relationship. He even started asking questions about his sister.

“Mom, where is sis Nkhenso? It has been days now, and she has not been home,” Ntlakuso asked. “Mom, did you beat her?”

“Shut up Ntlakuso!” Nkhenso’s mother responded. “What do you know? Don’t you ever talk about that witch in my house. She is not your sister, and I hope you heard me.”

“But mom, Sis is not a witch,” Ntlakuso said. “She loves me and she always takes care of me. She loves you too, mom, but you hate her, why?”

“Ntlakuso shut up!” Nkhenso’s mother said. “I just told you that that girl is not your sister, and watch your tone when talking to me.”

“Mom, you are not a good person,” Ntlakuso said.

“What!” Nkhenso’s mother said. “Go to your room before I give you a hot slap, now.”

Ntlakuso immediately got up and went to his room.

Maya had no break. She was busy going up and down, looking for her friend. She went to mortuaries, hospitals, and many other places, but she could not find her. She had no intention to give up, though. She made posters regarding Nkhenso’s missing and put them all over the streets so that other people can help her.

One day, Maya received a call from the police asking her to come and identify a dead body which matched Nkhenso’s description.

“Hello, am I speaking to miss Leago?” the detective asked.

“Yes it’s me,” Maya responded.

“You are speaking to Detective Mbezi,” the detective said. “I’m afraid I may have bad news here. We found a dead body matching the same descriptions as your friend.”

“What! Ooh no, what happ …” Maya said, panicking.

“Calm down Miss Leago,” the detective said. “We are not yet sure if it’s her. Come to the police station tomorrow, and then we will take you to the mortuary to go identify the body.”

“Okay Detective, I will be there,” Maya said, and then she hung up the call. “Ooh no, God please, I beg you, let it not be my friend please,” she thought.


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