The following day, Maya went to the police station early in the morning, and when she got there, she found Detective Mbezi waiting for her. She was very nervous, and she was praying for God’s miracle.

“Detective, I received your call yesterday regarding my friend,” Maya said.

“Ooh yes, young lady, we kept her in our mortuary for now, until we find her relatives,” Detective Mbezi responded. “Please follow me, l’ll take you there.”

Maya followed Detective Mbezi until they got to where they kept the body. She was shacking, and she was even praying silently.

“Detective, I don’t think I can do this,” Maya said.

“You have to be strong, Miss Leago,” Detective Mbezi responded. “We are already here, and there is no turning back.” He then uncovered the body, and luckily, it was not Nkhenso, which was a relief for Maya.

Maya was relieved to see that it was not her friend in that cold pan, but her heart felt sorry for the brutally murdered girl. She then went home and all she could do was cry all day, she even refused to eat. Her mother tried comforting her, but she never succeeded.

What troubled Maya more was the fact that Nkhenso was in matric, and there were only a few weeks left before the final exams began. She did not give up, though. She continued posting on social media regarding her friend being missing.

After two days, Maya received a call from the hospital telling her there was a girl in ICU who was brutally injured, and that she matched Nkhenso’s description. Maya did not waste time, and she quickly went to the hospital on the same day.

When Maya arrived at the hospital, the nurses directed her to the ward. When she got there, she prayed before entering the ward. Finally, she found the courage and went in. She then got close the bed and discovered that it was indeed her friend, and she could not help herself but cry because of the way Nkhenso was injured. At that moment, the Doctor walked in and tried comforting her.

“It’s okay, young lady, she’ll be fine,” Doctor Phala said.

“What happened to her Doctor?” Maya asked while crying.

“We live in a cruel world,” Doctor Phala responded. “She was beaten by 3 men and they almost raped her, but they failed. Someone rescued her at that moment.”

“Ooh no, but why?” Maya said while still crying. “She doesn’t deserve this, are they going to find them? I mean the perpetrators? Is she going to be fine?”

“She’ll be fine,” Doctor Phala responded. “It’s just that she lost a lot of blood, and it’s going to be hard to find a donor because she has blood type O, and it’s rare. As for the perpetrators, the police are working hard to track them down, so don’t worry.”

“I don’t mind donating, that’s if I’m a match,” Maya said.

“Okay Miss Leago, we will run some tests,” Doctor Phala said.


Tell us: What do you think Maya should do next now that she found her friend?