While the seller was still confused, Nkhenso’s friend, Maya, came to the shop.

“Hello, can I have brown bread?” Maya said, putting the money on the table. The seller did not respond, his mind was all over the place. “Hello again,” Maya said, waving her hands to get the seller’s attention.

“Ooh, I’m sorry, my mind is just all over the place,” the seller responded. “Did you say white bread?”

“I said brown,” Maya said. “What is wrong with you? You seem like you’ve just seen a ghost.”

“Your friend was here,” the seller responded. “She bought paraffin, and after that, I could see that she was not okay. I then decided to ask her what may be wrong, and she just said painful words. You could see that she was not okay at all, and I’m afraid she might use that parrafin to commit suicide or burn a house perhaps.”

“Ooh no, Nkhenso please don’t do this to me,” Maya said. “Why did you let her leave with that parrafin?” she asked the seller. “What if she commits suicide? Ooh no, I need to find her as soon as possible.”

After speaking, Maya immediately ran away to go find her friend. She then went to Nkhenso’s home.

“Good afternoon Ma, Nkhe … Nkhe …” Maya said.

“Calm down young lady, what’s going on?” Nkhenso’s mother responded.

“Ma, Nkhenso is in trouble, we have to find her now, or else we might find her dead,” Maya said.

“What! What happened? Did someone kidnap her?” Nkhenso’s mother asked.

“Ma,” Maya said, crying. “I went to the shop to buy some bread, then Jason, the seller, told me that Nkhenso came to the shop to buy some paraffin. He then said she was devastated and she said many painful words which may push her to commit suicide. Ma, please help.”

“So?” Nkhenso’s mother asked.

“So!” Maya responded. “Ma, is that all you can say? I just told you that your daughter might be in trouble, and all you can say is so? Wow, now I see why Nkhenso is such a broken soul. You destroyed her. Pray that nothing happens to my friend, woman, because if not, her blood will be on your hands.”

“Young lady, shut up!” Nkhenso’s mother said. “When you talk to your elders, you limit your words. Now listen here and listen very well. I do not have time for your useless games. Nkhenso is fine wherever she is. Maybe she is busy galavanting with her old boyfriends. They are married men, for heaven’s sake! Now, before I smack you, get out of my house.”

Maya did not say much in response. She just left the house and went to the police station to report the case. The police officer she spoke to told her they would open the case if she was not found in 24 hours, but they assured her that they would do everything in their power for her friend’s safety.


Tell us: Why do you think Nkhenso’s mother hates her so much?