As they were waiting for the results, Maya received a call from her mother. “Ma,” she said, answering the phone.

“Maya, you have to come back home now,” Maya’s mother said.

“Why Ma?” Maya asked. “I can’t leave my friend here, she needs me.”

“I know my baby, but it’s time for you to focus on your school work now,” Maya’s mother said. “The exams are around the corner. She’ll be fine, don’t worry. Her parents will be watching her. You played your part my baby.”

“Okay Ma, I’m on my way,” Maya said, then she hung up the call. “Ma, I’m sorry but I have to leave now. I just received a call from my mom.”

“It’s okay my baby, no need to worry,” Queen Seipati responded. “You’ve done a lot already. Come here,” she said, and then hugged her.

After the hug, Maya went home. After few minutes, the doctor came and announced good news to Queen Seipati and her husband.

“Mr and Mrs Lehato Lehato, I have good news for you,” the doctor said. “Mrs Lehato, your blood is good and ready for donation.”

“Wow, really?’ Queen Seipati said. “Ooh, thank you so much God. So, when can we start? I’m ready even now if it’s possible.”

“Yes ma’am, let’s go now,” the doctor said.

Queen Seipati followed the doctor. They then did the procedure, and it was successful. Nkhenso managed to get the blood she needed in order to survive. Queen Seipati and her husband then booked into a hotel in Joburg for few days, and they waited for their daughter to wake up.

After a few days, Queen Seipati and her husband received a call from the hospital telling them that their daughter was awake. They were so happy they did not even waste time, and they immediately rushed to the hospital to see it with their eyes. When they arrived at the hospital, they went straight to her ward, and when they got in, they were very surprised to see how healthy and glowing their daughter was.

“Hello my baby,” Queen Seipati said.

“Who are you guys?” Nkhenso (Bontle) asked, sounding confused.


Bontle (Nkhenso) was still confused at that moment, and she had no idea what was going on.

“I see you’re confused, my princess, but it’s okay,” Queen Seipati said. “I’m your mother, your biological mother, and this is your father,” she said, pointing at Morries.

“Hello sweetheart,” Morries said. “I have always wished to see you in a body full of life, but we were robbed of that opportunity the first day you arrived on this earth.”

“What are you two talking about?” Bontle (Nkhenso) asked.

“Read this letter my baby,” Queen Seipati said, giving her the letter.

“Okay,” Bontle (Nkhenso) said, and then she read the letter silently. After reading the letter, she stood up, went to her mother, and hugged her. “Please don’t leave me with that woman ever again Mommy, I’m begging you, she’s evil,” she said.

“I will never allow you to suffer ever again my baby, trust me,” Queen Seipati said.

“Yes sweetheart, your mother is right, we will make sure we give you the best love you’ve never gotten,” Morries said.

“So you had already named me? I mean before I was stolen,” Bontle( Nkhenso) asked.

“Yes, you are Bontle (Beauty),” Qeen Seipati responded, smiling. “We gave you that name because you were the only beautiful thing we had at that time.”

“Wow,” Bontle (Nkheso) said, blushing.

“Okay princess, we are going to leave you here now, your mother and I have something important to discuss. We will get you some food, okay,” Morries said.

“Okay Daddy,” Bontle (Nkhenso) responded.

Morries and his wife went outside and started discussing a way forward.

“What do we do now honey? We can’t leave this child here, we have to take her with us to the Free State,” Queen Seipati said.

“Will she agree though? Remember, her whole life has been here, and what about her friend Maya?” Morries asked.

“The only life she had here was a miserable life, and there is no way she would want to remain in this place,” Queen Seipati said.

“You are right honey, our girl deserves our love, and we can’t leave her here,” Morries said.

“Yes honey,” Queen Seipati said. “By the way, we will have to go to her current school and ask for a transfer. We will have to negotiate with them very well, since it’s nearly end of the year.”

While they were talking, Mihloti, the woman who used to be Nkhenso’ mother, appeared.

“Are my eyes deceiving me!” Queen Seipati said. “Mihloti, you’ve got a nerve! After everything you did to my baby, you still have a nerve to show your evil face here?”

“Am … Am …” Mihloti said.


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