When Queen Seipati and Morries arrived in Johannesburg, they went to Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital, where Bontle (Nkhenso) was admitted. When they arrived at Bara, they went inside and asked to see the doctor.

“Hello Doctor, can you take us to Bontle’s ward?” Queen Seipati said.

“Sorry ma’am, but who is Bontle?” the doctor asked.

“They mean Nkhenso Mabasa,” Maya said.

“Ooh! Okay ma’am, but she’s in a critical condition,” the doctor said. “Only relatives are allowed to see her.”

“I’m her mother, and I need to see her,” Queen Seipati said.

“I thought her mother was …” the doctor said.

“Doctor, please let us in, we will explain everything to you later,” Maya said.

“Okay fine, you may go,” the doctor said. “Maya, you will show them the ward.”

“Thank you so much Doctor,” Queen Seipati said, and Maya took them to the ward. When they arrived there, Queen Seipati got closer to the bed. “Ooh God! So it’s true, my child is alive,” she said.

“Thank you God,” Morries said. “I thought I would never see my daughter again.”

“My baby, I’m sorry you had to go through all of this while I’m alive,” Queen Seipati said, holding Nkhenso’s hand. “I’m so sorry my child, my Bontle. I wish you could wake up right now so I can see your smile and hear your voice. I want you to see your mother so you could feel a mother’s love. You were denied a mother’s love, my baby.

“It’s okay my love, there is no need to worry anymore, we are here now,” Morries said, comforting his wife. “Our daughter is in safe hands now, and she is never going to suffer ever again. Wow, she’s so beautiful, just like her mother.”

“Thank you honey, she’s just my copy indeed,” Queen Seipati said while smiling. “Maya, go and call the Doctor my baby.”

Maya went to call the Doctor and came back with her.

“Ma’am, you wanted to see me,” the doctor said.

“Yes Doctor, I want to donate blood for my daughter,” Queen Seipati said.

“Do you have blood type O?” the doctor asked.

“Yes Doctor,” Queen Seipati responded.

“Okay ma’am, we will get to it tonight,” the doctor said. “We will start by checking if your blood is clean, and if it doesn’t lack iron and it’s not carrying any unwanted stuff.”

“Okay Doctor,” Queen Seipati said.

The doctor injected Queen Seipati right there and withdrew blood in order to run some tests. “I’m going to run some tests, then I’ll get back to you soon,” the doctor said.

“Okay Doctor,” Queen Seipati said, and then turned to her husband. “Darling, I’m nervous, what if it doesn’t work out?”

“Don’t worry honey, have faith,” Morries said, hugging her.


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