Mihloti did not know what to say. She felt bad for what she had done, though. “I’m sorry for everything I did,” she said. “I know a lot happened in the past, but it did not give me any right to steal your child and abuse her like that.”

“You are right, you had no right to torment my baby like that Mihloti,” Queen Seipati said, sounding angry. “You should have faced me, left my child alone, and dealt with me if you were not a coward. You deserve to rot in jail.”

“I beg you please, I have kids, I cannot go to jail, I’m begging you Seipati,” Mihloti said.

“You should have thought about that before stealing my child away from me before I could even hold her,” Morries said.

“I know,” Mihloti said, crying. “In fact, the reason why I came out with the truth is because I want peace. I’m tired of living with guilt. I’m very sorry, please forgive me. I brought Nkhenso stuff here t …”

“Bontle, her name is Bontle,” Queen Seipati said.

“Okay, Bontle,” Mihloti said. “Can I see her please?”

“You have a nerve,” Morries responded. “In fact, I’m calling the police.”

“No, no I beg you please, I will leave,” Mihloti said.

While they were still there, a nurse approached them. “Mr and Mrs Lehato, your daughter wants to see you,” the nurse said.

“Is she okay? Let’s go darling,” Queen Seipati said, and the two of them went to Bontle’s ward and found her standing behind her bed. “Darling, why are you on your feet? You should be resting!” Queen Seipati said.

“Ma, I’m fine, as you can see. All I need now is to go back to school and catch up. I missed a lot,” Bontle (Nkhenso) responded.

“Ooh about that, your father and I got you a school back in the Free State,” Queen Seipati said. “We thought you should start afresh from all the trauma you went through.”

“Ma, I will leave with you on one condition,” Bontle (Nkhenso) responded.

“Condition! Okay name it,” Queen Seipati said.

“I’m a new person, no longer troubled. I’m Bontle, no longer Nkhenso. I’m no longer abused, I’m free, so please Ma, forgive Ma Mihloti and never ever lay charges against her,” Bontle said.


Queen Seipati was left with no choice but to forgive Mihloti. I will forgive her, even though I’m still hurt, but I will do this for you my baby,” she said.

“Thank you mommy,” Bontle said, hugging her mother. “Please call her for me, I need to see her before I leave.”

Queen Seipati went to call Mihloti and she came back with her.

“Bontle, I’m …” Mihloti said, sounding ashamed.

“You’re sorry. I know, and it’s okay,” Bontle said. “You see, you made my life so hard, I don’t want to lie. I know right now you think I might be seeking revenge, but no, I’m not that kind of person. I believe in forgiveness. Everyone deserves a second chance, so I’m not gonna send you to jail. I’m giving you a second chance to be a good person, and a good mother to your kids. You are all they have, so I’m not going to take you away from them.”

“Wow, thank you so much Bontle,” Mihloti said with tears flowing down her face. “May God bless you my girl, you have a heart of God.”

“I’m so proud of you my daughter,” Morries said.

“I wanted to send you to jail for what you did to my family, but my daughter made me realise that it was not worth it. So, from the bottom of my heart, I forgive you,” Queen Seipati said to Mihloti.

“Thank you so much Seipati,” Mihloti said, and they both hugged each other.

“Ma, I have last request,” Bontle said.

“Okay my baby, what is it?” Queen Seipati responded.

“I want to see my best friend,” Bontle said.

“Of course my baby,” Queen Seipati said. “In fact, we can leave now. The Doctor said you’re discharged.”

“Finally!” Bontle said, sounding happy. “Let’s go mom and Dad.”

Bontle changed into the new clothes that were bought by her parents, and then they left to her friend’s home. When they got there, Maya was doing her homework. Bontle knocked on the door, and Maya opened it.

“Ooh my God!” Maya said. “Sweetheart, look at yourself, you are healed.” She then quickly gave Bontle a hug, and tears of joy started flowing down her face.


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