Why can’t people be judged by their character?
Instead they are judged for who they really are
I’m a real person here, I’m not an actor
Or an actress, or a movie star

I have feelings too, and that’s what you should know
Let me live my life without you discriminating me
Where’s humanity, why do people stoop so low?
If you’re not gonna help me, then rather leave me be

Being white in complexion is being classified as being beautiful
Having long straight hair is being classified as being wonderful
Being dark in complexion is being classified as being a slave
Therefore, because of that you belonged in a cave

What did Martin Luther king fight for?
Wasn’t his aim to abolish slavery?
A better future for the blacks, he swore
‘Cause they were discriminated racially

Why am I being judged for who I really am?
Is homosexuality illegal?
I’m also a precious gem
That can’t even be found in Senegal

One thing you should know
Is that beauty comes from within
And our good personality
Is what makes our characters glow.