Out of all the places we could have gone
They chose this strange place
I looked with shock as my mom pretended
We could learn to love the place
How could I when the place is three times degrading
From the standard of living we were used to?
Couldn’t they have chosen another place?

Early that evening, I took what I had regarded
Would be a short walk to clear my mind
Only to be greeted by a group of scumbags
Who looked at me like I was some a piece of meat
Isn’t staring at a person like this considered illegal?
Because my body felt shivers
As they turned around looking at me with grins
“She is pretty,” they kept on saying to each other
And I knew my suburb and over-the-top attitude
Wasn’t going to do me any good

I stood still, counting to three
Before fleeing back to my sickening yet safer new home
“She is new, I could smell it from her,” another said
Still pacing around me like some detective from a cartoon movie
Duh! Isn’t that obvious? I felt like saying
Not forgetting to roll my too beautiful hazel eyes

I remembered my plan to flee as they seemed to be distracted by my ‘prettiness’
And there I ran,
Ran fast enough for them to ever catch me
“Welcome to your new world,” one shouted
As though to remind me
This was only my first encounter with my gross strange place