Seek not the will of men,
Lest thou endure great dread.
Like the pioneers of the south, the Khoisan,
Are to commiserate the fruits of bloodshed.

Drunkard are you, who practice blasphemy
Reviling the works of the nutcracker.
See it at all times, each has a prophecy
And all eras have a sling and a dagger.
On the rocks are human traits to be found,
Take no pleasure in dwelling amidst a fog.
Death and life are in the power of the tongue,
Indeed, charcoal is nothing but a blackened log.

Every action was recorded on the scroll,
Whether good or bad.
You would not dare understand the epilogues of Athol,
Blessed are you, my young lad.

Da Vinci, ripped open the womb of a woman,
Gaining perspective of the initial stage of life.
Historians say, ‘I was present in the days of Roosevelt’
In all ventures, my son, always seek to strive.