Am I a slave?
I don’t know where I am
nor who I am,
not even who gave birth to me.

When the sun rose and when the sun had set
I started pondering
and tears just fell
falling like rain on a stormy day.

I am not educated
but I am adept.
They beat and beat me with hard words.
I’ve been afflicted,
afflicted by their words.

I had no rest
working nonstop.
Nothing decent could I even afford.

It was appalling
It was hard to appreciate
It was atrocious

I was full of apprehensions
I had no-one to share my self with.
I was not able to baulk,
but I never say die.

Have you ever met a beautiful butterfly
that couldn’t fly?
I felt like one,
I was a slave.
Am I a slave?