Dedication to Thabiso Sokhanyile… I love him to bits.

I can’t save myself from you
You got into me so badly
That I couldn’t let you go
That first horrible fight
Silently it killed, though you could see me laughing
I was dying inside
I just couldn’t save myself

Physically I was acting
Yet spiritually I was dying
Falling to rise no more
You just like poison
An addiction that even rehab couldn’t help

With my love for you
I could rewrite the bible of love
Express my feelings in words that even Shakespeare couldn’t think of

Write my expostulation in ink so that you can never be forgotten
No heart ever desired poison
No one ever desired an addiction
But I have
You just drove me crazy

You are like a sun rising up in the early morning
Lighting up the dark corners and gently coaxing me awake
You are my heart desire
The reason why every time I see a breaking relationship
My heart pierces coz of the fears of how life would be
If mine would break too

I love you with no doubt
You complete me fairly
You are my heart’s desire
You are just like a poison
Silently killing me with your love and care

I love you unconditionally
Never doubt that