This is not an occasion for sadness
In fact, this is not an occasion at all
This is a farewell for warriors before war
They will take their weapons and march forth
Forward is the journey they are on

Family and friends stand by and look on
The road ahead is an obstacle course
Left, right they go, moving for a cause
Home is where the heart is
These warriors left their hearts at home
As they move on, one thing is for sure
They are not in Kansas anymore

These warriors may be grounded
But this is no time to drag their feet
Spiritual battles lie ahead
Mental battles lie ahead
Warriors do your best to keep your head
Bravery of the heart will keep you ahead

Protect your destiny, it’s already in your hands
Protect your families, you are all that they have
Protect your land, keep it safe and preserved
Come back with pride or come back dead

Brave men and women are the warriors of Lumdrida
They conquer nations above hills, above rivers
The aim is not to steal or to kill
The aim is to find and retrieve
The aim is to find knowledge
Knowledge to retrieve peace