First part by B.C Lebajoa

You know I’ve always known that
I had my flaws and all but you made sure
That I realised the fact that I’m far
From being perfect for you
All I’ve ever desired was for you to love me just as I am
Why did you have to make me a supplicant
Why did you make me beg for your love
But come to think of it
You made me even feel insecure in my own skin
You made me believe I was trash
That I’d never be good enough
Not just for you but everyone else
Maybe you’re right
Maybe you do deserve better
In fact Babe you do deserve better than me.
B.C Lebajoa

Reply by Bon-terror the poet

I don’t know if you will get this in the form of a letter
I am slowly becoming more of your hater
Probably a duplicate of your ex-lover
Never thought things between us could be this bitter
You have chosen the world of glitter
Well from the beginning I should have known better
I don’t know if I would be breaking the law
But would you please allow me to take your feelings on a mini tour
Look I’ve had my flaws before
Accompanied by wounds that are still sore
Trust me I couldn’t take the pain any more
See this is inside my heart, right deep inside its core
I am confused I make decisions even when I’m not sure
I keep people in my life for no reason
I guess there was never enough for us in store
I wonder if I really had to suffer
Even if my intentions for you were only pure

You don’t deserve me I’m confused
Because whenever I fall in love
I’m the one who always gets used
Nobody fits my shoes
Trust me you are the one I never wanted to lose
I am sorry I couldn’t be the best version of a lover
But I still think you should have given me some clues
I don’t know how you will get this news
– “I’m not the one for you.”