They say I am a foreigner:
And what do you say?
That I am more than what the eyes can see and the ears can hear.
I am African the child of Alkebulan the one that reeks of milk and honey.
I am black covered in African butter. I say I am precious and wonderful.
I stand firm in my roots as milk from my mother’s breast nourishes me and those who lack
I am what many fear and a few want.
I am the one that rose with my head held high after oppression and segregation.
I am the one that possesses love instead of hate
The one that knows of individuality but also knows that we all come from the same womb
The one who sees beyond borders, rivers and oceans.
The one taught respect, honour and kindness before her first steps.
Dear brothers and sisters
Remember before you call me a foreigner
You also once upon a time were a foreigner in the land of Eqypt.
I am not of royalty but a child of a Queen.
I am African.