I am not a fan of puzzles
I guess I lack concentration
Today I finally managed to solve one
But I noticed that an important piece was missing
I searched all over and I saw you

I never imagined my life being so complete
Sometimes I became so hurt that
I ended up forgetting my value
I forgot that someone out there seeks a treasure
They yawn for the type of love I’ve got
The void I felt for years
The emptiness within
Is finally filled

I cried for someone who’d stay by my side
I know a lot of people love sunny days
But can you stand the rain, the storms and hail?
Just to be with someone like me?
I don’t need words to reassure me
That my wishes will be granted
But I seek actions
Your actions will make this moment last forever

I’m content with what I have
Because if you weren’t here I’d still be searching
In all the wrong places

‘Cause you’ve got that one good reason
The ability to give me joy
If I died today
I’d die happy
‘Cause I’ve lost loved ones in my life
Who never knew how much I loved them
So I made a promise to myself that
The next person I love will feel loved
And know that I love them

If a thief would creep in and try stealing this one puzzle piece
I swear I’d fight to have it back
I’m not shy to say I’m satisfied
I’d rather fix the small hiccups we’ll encounter
Than lose you
I fear losing this golden treasure to someone else
If I do, recovering from the loss will be a mystery

Finally I’m complete again
Everything is working perfectly fine
My puzzle is complete