Remember the days we blissfully spent together
Sweet words I whispered to your ear
The mornings you could wake up next to me
The memories we created from scratch
Remember all those.

Remember the voice that wiped your long face in an instant
The face that lit up the room
The man that saved you from all the cruelties of this world
A man who went an extra mile to ensure your optimal welfare
Just remember all those.

Remember the magical kiss we always shared
The “out-of-this-world” massage you could ever ask for
How I would make you cosy during harsh cold
The way I innocently and constantly admired your continental beauty
Remember, just remember.

Remember the hot cup of coffee you we used to sip together
Right now I am sipping this coffee alone
As I type this.
Tears constantly flooding
My physique shaking like a leaf
Just remember.

Remember the time you bade goodbye to me.