I saw your face in my sleep,
I swear you are like an angel,
Who put a smile on my face,
I heard rumours about you,
Roaming around the streets,
Saying you are like an angel ,

I saw your face,
You are beautiful that’s true,
If you were mine ,
I would pamper you with love ,
I wouldn’t let you,
Slip out of my hands ,
You rather sleep on my chest,
I will hold you tight like a babe ,
You are like drug ,
Because you drugged my mind,

If you were crazy ,
I would be out of my mind ,
Just to level up with you,
I don’t need rehabilitation,
I don’t mind being addicted to you,
I just enjoy gazing at your lips ,
And I wish I could kiss you,
As I don’t want to miss you,
If you had a twin ,
Or even if I was blind ,
I would still choose you,
You are beautiful,