Thoughts run deep
Words I wish to keep
Words are more than skin deep
Words cover me like a blanket on a bed.

A writer is complex
Words are our reflex
A writer writes and writes
About their passion
About something they feel strongly about.

A writer’s voice runs deep
Deeper than a tree’s roots
Words are the garden we plant
It’s our beauty
It’s our pride

However just like nature’s voice goets lost
We can become mute – it’s called writer’s block
It’s like…like…you want to write but nothing is happening
It’s like our voice is becoming lost
We feel mute
Because we want to write so badly
But absolutely nothing is happening!
It’s like nobody is hearing what we want to say
Except we are that nobody
It’s really as if something is blocking all
your thoughts of writing.

A writer’s voice is sacred
It’s…it’s our treasure
And not being able to write
It’s…it’s like…like losing an organ
It hurts – not physically not really mentally either
More like…emotionally?
Yes, emotionally because it feels
As if you’ve lost your ability to
feel an emotion you could previously.
However, it does not last forever.

A writer’s voice is their treasure
And we have measures
Because we protect what is ours
We can be put under pressure
Losing what is precious
But what you have to understand is this –
The oppressed always rise to the occasion!

Today we might have writer’s block and feel mute
But tomorrow…oh tomorrow…we are writing an entire blog
From that writer’s block
And those words are like music from a professionally played flute.

A writer’s voice
Is our vice
It’s our treasure
And we will never let it be stolen from us!