He slammed me onto the ground
Pinned me against the floor
Commanded me not to make a sound
Or he’ll kill me, he swore

It is then he took my clothes off
Took advantage of me
My virginity! My loss!
Why couldn’t he let me be?

Maybe I didn’t fight enough
Maybe it was just my fault
Why wasn’t I brave and tough?
Of course it was my fault

The pain I felt when I lay there and bled
It was hard for me to comprehend

Sometimes I think I’m better off dead
I wish the world would come to an end

I hate talking about this, cause no one understands
My childhood memories I miss
Playing in muddy sands

Even though it is over and done
I hope that no one has to experience what I went through
My new life has begun
It’s about time I start my whole life anew

I know I’m not alone,
My heart goes out to each one of you
I somehow survived
And I hope you will get through this too
Today I’m planting seeds
Of faith and happiness within my heart
And I hope it never bleeds
Cause this battle wasn’t mine from the start