I have forgiven you for all the bad things you have done to me
But forgetting about them, seems to be a challenge.

When around you, I should have felt free
But the love you offered me was really strange

I was too young back then, maybe that’s why you took advantage
With your power and might, you still ejaculated

I tried to scream and shout but
Still, you treated me like garbage
I told you it was painful, but you still penetrated

You still had the nerve, to lie to my mother
You still had a nerve to bed her at night

She probably thought you’re a wonderful father
But the truth is, I couldn’t stand your sight

It’s been six years now, but I still haven’t forgotten
Cause I feel like, I’ve been robbed off my youth
You see, the truth never gets rotten

And that’s why I felt like it’s time to reveal the truth
I might have forgiven you, but
I shall never forget

And I hope wherever you are, you still regret
Everything you have done to me
For not allowing my soul to be free