In this lonely dark room I stand
Hoping that God Almighty will make me understand
Why my mother had dumped me in this bin
Wondering how this route for her might’ve been
Deep inside I’m scarred
Having to live without a parent is hard

Physically enabled but emotionally disabled
Being so keen to meet my mother
Maybe I can stop all this suffering
Though my face may show joy outside
The anger I feel inside
Is to never be described

Having sleepless nights in the streets
Envying the life of other kids
I look up in Heaven
Oh I tell you fellow brethen
I can feel the warmth of my Creator
For in His name I flow like a commentator

A bunch of questions run through my mind
But my plea is to lend me your ears if you don’t mind
I recite a poem
Praying all night
With all my might
Trying to see the light
But my mind is flying like a kite
For I know my rights
Before the end of day I still see no light
You might say I’ve lost my sight
With God by my side
I might just find my mom

I asked around and heard she was no more
Asked why she had done such a terrible thing
Hearing that I was a result of rape
Made me feel like an ape
It was too late for hate
As misery was my only mate

And I still ask myself, alone in the dark
Why Mom?