Maybe it’s time

Maybe it’s time to accept it
Maybe it’s time to be addicted to it
Maybe it’s time to face the reality Time to face the truth
Time to admit it
Time to accept the fact

I had my chance to be closer to you
You were around everyday
You smiled at me and I didn’t back
You pulled me closer, but I was tense
I heard you calling my name
But I didn’t answer, I was ashamed of myself
Now you’re gone, you forgotten about me
You don’t remember my name
And you don’t even know me
You moved on, you are happy There I am!
I keep knocking at your closed doors
Paging the history book
And yet you remember nothing

I’m a stranger to you but I was once known
Time wasted, never returned
Gone are those days
Dead are those moments
I guess I must move on too I wasted my time now I’m crying
I’m in the wilderness
No one to blame but myself
Ya ne!

What is left for me to do is to accept the fact