Why me?
Don’t I deserve happiness
and smiles like other kids,
To be proud of who I am,
Be proud of my parents,
Enjoy my life for once,
Know the feeling of being happy.

Why me?
Don’t I deserve love and support,
Just so I can smile when I think of you,
Just so that I don’t fall and hit the ground,
Just so that I can say, ‘I am loved’
Maybe I can then learn to love myself,
Maybe then I can accept and cherish my life.

Why me?
Don’t I deserve a family and friends,
Maybe a father, mother and brother,
How about cousins and nephews,
Well if not, aunts and uncles,
Or grandma and grandpa
so that I can have a shoulder to cry on,
Somebody to wipe my tears and say it’s okay.

Why me?
Don’t I deserve education and care,
Maybe I can be a future doctor who helps find cures for the uncurable,
saves lives and smiles altogether,
Maybe I can stand up and say, ‘Thank you mom and dad’
But all you do is hate
what I have done to you

Why me?
Don’t I deserve a normal life.
To be like the other kids
and not get old before my time,
Enjoy my teenage life,
Date or hate boys,
Make memories and be wild as an animal,
Be a party-animal but not a party-pooper.