I still remember the first time
We met, the first words we said
To each other. I still remember
Your smile, I also remember the
Face that you pulled when you sad.

What can I say, it love driving me
Crazy. There are so many things
I remember about you like the way
You giggle. I was so scared of you
Even after six months together but
I was.

I don’t know why. I remember
The look in your eyes when told
Me that you loved me. My biggest
Fear was losing you, I never
Wanted to lose you. I loved you
With all that I had. My life,
My joy that what you were in my

You always knew ow to put a smile
On my face no matter how trouble
I was. I always found joy in you.

How can I forget all that? I know
Our relationship wasn’t perfect.
I know I wasn’t the you wanted.

Maybe I was in your life
So that you won’t get bored or lonely.
I remember the first week siqala
Ukuthanda. I couldn’t
Look you in the eye. FUNNY,
I had to ask your permission to kiss you.