I’m from a place called Marcus Garvey near Philippi East. Some call it a Rastafarian community but I call it a drug den.

I’m from a place where young children who could have a brighter future are being slaves to drugs and alcohol.

Yes, in my community they say weed is the medicine, but when I look around my community young children are in prison and some at Bosasa.

I’m from a place where the older brothers in the community are pressuring the young children to join gangs or their families will be threatened.

A place where a lot of people are not working, but they have big double-storey houses because they are selling weed.

I’m from a place where the older people are calling education ‘umkhohlisi wengqondo’ and only weed is a career to make money.

I’m from this place but I love it, because it made me who I am today.