My home is a place where
my thoughts and heart roam.
Bliss, peace and rest I find in you.
After my daily tension and task,
I have you to shed my anxieties
and uncertainties.
Why do I love you?

Maybe, because there is no place like home
for all worries to sink and new hopes to rise.
You witness my happiest and saddest moments.
Yes, you are the only one who won’t tell
my secrets despite knowing it.
Why do I love you?

In the sun’s hot and heated ray
you cover me and bear the pains.
When the rain storms in,
you shield me and keep me dry.
Whenever I am worried about losing it all,
I’m always relieved when I know I still have you.
My heart longs for you when I am away.
Why do I love you?

In the midst of pandemics
It’s you I can’t stay away from.
You are the safest place in plagues,
my most trustworthy friend.
You listen to my daily mumble
and yet never grumble.
Yes, I have lots of answers to
‘Why do I love you!’