A tough heart is when you risk falling in love with a player.
When you find out that you are much more in-experienced, than what he is.
When you find out about those… secret, heated messages,
That he denies to be important.

It’s when you find out about his past.
When you find out that he impregnated a girl that, you knew.
That, the girl that you knew, now has to abort his child.
That the girl you knew will forever have a part of him,

A part which, you never had.
A tough heart is when you see him and the impregnated girl “text”,
How she explains that she is about to abort the baby.
When he tells you that it would have been a, girl.

When you so angry at him for cheating but cannot show it,
Because he’s about to lose his child.
When you finally forgive his “one night stand”.
You find out that his been texting the baby mama, yet again!

Telling her that he loves her?
You confront him under the influence
And when you sobered up, all is forgiven.
It’s when you find out that he’s been chatting up “other” women.

Saving their pictures, yet denying that it’s his.
Saying it belongs to his brother?
Finding out that he signed up on dating sites, while being in a relationship with you.

So why do I stay? I keep asking myself….
Staying because it’s what you think you deserve,
Staying because your family adores him,
Staying because you feel comfortable,

Staying because it’s the “only” love you know,
Staying because his included into your future plans.
A tough heart is smiling when he “finally” breaks up with you.
After attending a mutual friend’s 21st birthday party.

Where he sang a song, about a girl he wishes to marry.
Finding out that the girl he sang about, in his new song is “not you”.
It’s having the courage to take a bus to his home town, to fight for his love!

But, finding out that he already has a “new lover”.
It is when you instead of “blowing a gasket”,
Smile, hug and leave his family in peace.
It’s saying goodbye, with a tough heart.