Who taught you to undermine you skin complexion?
Who taught you to be ashamed of who you are?
Who taught you self-inferiority?
Who taught you that your skin complexion should be an attitude?
Who taught you how to steal African wealth?
Who taught you that democratic freedom was dump?

Who told you that our land was fatal?
Who told you that Africans should be colonised?
Who taught you the strategy of oppressing us?
Who actually sent you to fool our nation with Democratic Freedom?
Who fooled you that we can’t chase you out of South Africa?
Who taught you that an African is the icon of humanity?

Who led you astray to even forget who you are?
Who told you that you should sell your people to make a living?
Who did you represent in the CODESA 1 and 2?
Who gave you the tactics of lying?
Who is behind the death of Chris Hani?
Who used the nation for his benefit?

Who taught you to by-stand the incidents?
Who taught you that self-image is precious?
Who inspired that people be sold out by the intruders to the apartheid oppressors?
Who do you really think was a true leader not that these alive are all liars?
Who do you think was not in true prison between Sobukwe and Mandela?
Who served the masses truly and dedicatedly between Biko and Zuma?