Who made the world so cruel,
That made a being fearful?
One of her kind to fear it all
How did they manage to scare her?
Who made her become so scared?
She does not shiver because she’s cold.
She shivers because she’s scared.
She does not want to hear their voices,
the things they wish to say about her.
They rather not say anything at all.

She fears them because they are cruel, they are insensitive
She fears them because they like hurting one another, they seem not to care
She fears them because they’ve got nothing nice to say to someone
How ruthless can one be?
And how fearful can one be?

Why does it seem like she’s alone?
Where as many of them surround her
Why does it seem like there is no hope at all?
Even when she tries,
no matter how hard she tries to be strong and stand her ground,
she will break anytime from now
How can she be so different from them?
And yet she feels chained
Wherever she may go,
her lonely soul will never be free
For she fears it all,
to love, to care and to be hurt time and time again.
She fears it all.