It was our education at stake
It was the opportunity to vent at my leadership
Their sacrifices meant a lot to my leading role upon them
It was our righteousness to embark in a journey to make a change
We took a stand against the wrong and said enough was enough
As the way forward I was the threat to the oppressors
We fought bravely towards the violation of our rights by Boesman
Those who supported us there I salute with no fear of any factor
Those who stood up for my unfair punishments were brave enough
Truth was told to those who were not deaf enough to hear it
Our riots uttered the dissatisfaction upon the institution management
Delft experienced the revision of 1976 as DELFT UPRISING OF MASIBAMBISANE S.S.S
Our education, rights and future were threatened by ill treatment of selfish leadership
We were at a stage whereby we had no choice but to fight for what belonged to us
It came to our attention the meaning and value of being educated in our country.

We were betrayed by those we trust in education
Forsaken by those who called themselves our parents
Rescued by our brothers and sisters who feared not to die for us
Interrogated by those who failed at first to resolve the situation
Hunted mostly by those who wanted to silent us
Exposed locally by those who cared enough for us to be attended to
Never taken seriously by those who promoted violence and corruption
Our vision and mission was easy to be understood by those with listening skills
We had duty to lay a foundation for those to come after us
Revolted for the better of the majority against the minority
Established a bearer of abuse to learners by the authorities
Slightly history repeated itself done by a naughty animal named BOESMAN
I decided that it was better death than allowing a man to ruin our education