Day by day thousands kill or die,
week by week hundreds fall in love,
and the main reason is you.
Who are you?

Are you that thing that fills up
our hearts with joy and wonderful moments?
Are you that thing that keeps us smiling whenever we are two?

Or are you that thing that traps us in
those unforgettable moments?
That keeps us reminded of those we loved and let go?
What are you made of?

Are you made of the problems
we encounter when we fall in love?
Are you of the triangle…
broken heart or just a simple heart?

The red one that beats day and night thinking of the other
or the black one that beats every minute they spend with the other?
Who are you?!

Are you an Angel or Demon
Is it the creator himself, the one of good?
Or it is the enemy, the one of bad and evil?
Why do we suffer because of you?

Is it because of the different kinds of minds our friends have?
Is it their jealous or helpful thoughts, meaningful words or careless words?

Is it because of the environment we grow up in?
Maybe our family members confuse us by the lessons they give us…

Do we suffer because of the sins committed
by our great elders or the curses left on us?
Did I inherit the ways and bad luck
of someone else related to me?
Are the spirits of my ancestors too jealous.
This is my quest.

I ask if you are all gods, then show yourself.
If you are a God responsible for this creation, show yourself.
I have so many questions to ask…