As I imagine him standing there
In City Of Truths pulpit
Reading the word of God
I think back to all those
Wonderful, blessed sermons
That I’ve heard from him
He quotes scriptures without looking
In the bible and he never makes mistakes

He makes God his first priority all the time
He never lets us down as a church
He’s a prophet of accuracy
His prophecies are hermeneutically accurate
Homiletically flowing and apologetically convincing
He believes in accurate prophecy

You cannot question his prophecy
But he can question you, he’s unique yaz
Look Church of God,
There’s no secret why God brought him out

Ooh! His joy has made me shout many times
When he sings demons manifest
He sings like an angel that he is
He is gentle like a dove
He soars like an eagle
And this is his year of soaring on eagle wings
His voice is holy, and he’s holy himself
Wherever he is, whatever the time is,
That place immediately becomes holy too.

When he dances the congregation gets blessed.
Now Church you see why God saved his Soul
God knew that serving him
With all your heart will be your life’s Goal

Prophet huh!
You see that there was a reason
Why God chose you…
Now you’re the Oga Abi.
Church of God listen here,
God didn’t choose him
Because of his aesthetic look,
Perfect stylish hair, and stylish clothes.

No Church of God, am I not handsome too
God reached down his hand and saved him
Let there be no doubt!
The reason God chose him
Is that he knew how you would turn out!
The reason, Prophet, that you mean so much to us
Is that when I look at you
It’s Jesus that I see
For in your footsteps, I gratefully trod
Because I know that in following you
I am following God

Prof. you are always there
To help us when we are in need.
You more specially take our falls.
When demons follow us,
You scare them with your holy voice.
You have a lamb’s love,
In fact love is your middle name
We as a church want to thank you
For answering the master call.
Thank you for caring so much.
When things seems to be bad,
You motivate and lift us up.
When motivating us, you just say,
No sweat, no sweet
No pain, no gain
No cross, no crown
Knockout is not a knockdown
You Know,
You Prophet and your God renews the souls
That died at the age of 18
Waiting for the age of 70 to be buried.

We thank you for your humour
That hits us up when sad
I even copied your laughing style
Thank you for the prayers
That you pray for us each day,
Sometimes you don’t sleep or eat
You’re more concerned with others’ needs
Than your own personal matters
Thanks for the sermon
You never miss the crowd
You always seem to know
The problem we’re facing
And the ways we need to grow
We must thank the Lord for blessing us with you
City of truth what do you say

Still we must thank God
For his Prophet strong in Christ
His example and his humbleness
Inspires us and aspires us before we expire
You’re a Prophet that relies on God
Through happy times and tears
You’re such a special blessing
We thank God, he sent you here
That was our unpredictable Prophet