Don’t compare your life to my life.
The fact that I have never stood
On the podium of your life to preach
About my life does not mean
That I am from the dust,
I just chose to be simple, for I live
A life of Jesus Christ who humbled
Himself by coming to us in form
Of a human being.

Just because I don’t spend my time
buying expensive clothes in my life,
That does not mean I don’t have
Money in my pockets,
That does not mean I can’t
Be in a relationship with fancy
Clothes in my life.

Just because I don’t speak English
Most of the time like the
English people, that does not
Not mean that I am illiterate,
It is just that I love my mother tongue
More than any other language that seduces
My mouth.
Whispering English every time can’t
Make you a king of England.

That does not make mean that
You can’t swallow any grammatical
Errors in your mouth,
That does not mean that you can’t
Pass an English test,
People who don’t usually speak
English when daylight takes
Control of the earth also pass exams.

Just because I don’t have a car,
Does not mean that I am poor,
It is just that I made a choice in my
Life to live simply, using
My legs that the Lord gave me as a
Means of transport.

Just because I learn at a cheap
School, that does not mean that
I am from a poor family, it is just
That the educational standards
Have a very high temperature in summer.
So never judge my life by cover,
You don’t know what is inside my