Tired but can’t sleep
I get up and leave my dreaming for another day
Face the day
I just want to break away
From these chains called life
This reality was not mine
Never was
No forever buzz
I’ve woken into a fake life
A half-jaded life
Sleeping zombies
Jaded life
My head is exploding with life
But is that for now or the next life?
Feeling and wanting connection
There goes my pocket computer
Seeing others the same way
This was never our future
It’s been stolen away
Meaning less every day
I know I’ve got to change my way
So starting today

How can everyone seem like they don’t want to know?
I walk by a man on the floor
Who doesn’t have his own home
He’s got nothing to eat
No one cares
He’s ripped shoes on his feet
He’s on the street
So I give him a pound
It’s all that I’ve got
And ask if he’s sound
Not enough I know today
But I walk on anyway
What can I say?

As I walk by the shop
Dead faces everywhere
So I stop
Wow, is this really life?
What we were made for?
Think not
Herded around in invisible pens
Let’s all pretend?
Get a job
Slave away
Settle down and have some kids
Work that job till you drop
Do these people look happy anyway?
Not today or any day
But that’s life so they say
It’s always been this way
But has it though?
I don’t know anymore
There has to be another way
That’s not living to me
No way

I walk on by looking at the sky
White lines blanket blue
Everywhere I sigh
This was never the truth
So I ask myself why are they spraying the sky?
This was never in your youth
What is the real truth?
No truth on TV
Fake news the rest are the same
Fictitious terror everywhere
So we all play the game that our rulers create
Fighting wars not our own
Distractions for the masses
As we sit on our asses
While they roll out the smart grid
Nothing smart in this kill grid
No privacy in this spy grid
In your home
Every street
It’s 5G
Don’t you see?
But I hear, “It won’t affect me…”
That’s not what I see

I walk past the doctors
People sick queuing up
Take a pill for your ill
Or a shot
Take the lot
But no one is well
From what I can tell
Ingredients all toxic
Where’s the logic?
But that’s okay we are told
Just don’t break the mould
Conform is the way
That’s what they say
But I won’t no more
Not today
I’ll go my own way

I walk through the park
The need to be free
Can you see?
Do you feel me?
You only know when you know
Have to start on my own
Lost now I’m alone
Broken down to the ground
The only way is up now
So I pick myself up now
Then dust myself down
No more bull
No more lies
Sick of crying
Don’t stop trying
Start doing
But where do I start?
My heart?
This reality is hard
It’s not mine
Never was
So that’s where I start