Every day is like a maze.
A difficult one and with each turn you take,
The path to the correct path becomes so hard to know.
There’s no instruction manual nor any drawn map
For you to follow so you must take a leap
Into the unknown.

Mixed thoughts
Unclear vision
Not sure of what you want and feel
Confusion eats you from the inside
Every day of your life is hard
Always waiting for the day to end
The day is bright, and the nights are too dark
Then do your fears and nightmares come to life
Every time your heart is racing
So, you keep a fire burning with your old memories
To light up the night
It gives you the hope of seeing tomorrow

Faking your every emotion just to fit in
But still you want someone to talk to
You listen to music that speaks of my shadows
While it plays, you feel free
But whenever the music stops
You are back to your usual life
So, your ears are covered in headsets
Which become your ear plugs?
Blocking you from the world
And now you don’t talk to people either
It seems fun but still you really do want someone to talk to

Trust is a problem
Thinking that when you let people in your life
They will know you and use that against you
So, faking everything is the main ordeal
Because every day for you is surviving and not living
Driven by pain and anger
You are not foreign to it
Every day you’re exposed to it you became immune
It feels like everyone wants to hurt you
So, you hurt then first
Before they have a chance to hurt you
It feels good but deep down
You are ashamed of your doings and want to stop
Your insecurities take the most of you

I want to let you know that
You’re beautiful
You’re handsome
You have a cute face
A cute smile
It amplifies your personality
It makes you stand out in crowds
Makes you more lovable
You are special and amazing in ways I cannot fathom
Let no one else tell you what you cannot be
Write your own story and be in control of it
Break free from your own prison cell
Appreciate you
Do you
Live you
And be you
You are indomitable, blessed and unstoppable
Jump high, soar and fly like an eagle
Dive into the largest and deepest ocean
Become its master
You have what it takes to turn your chaos into peace
Grow through what you go through
You are like a flower that grows in the darkness
It does better in the shade
It blooms despite the darkness.
That flower reminds me of you
It is called ‘Lily of the Valley’