An organism from the soil with no
Recollection of its creation
A vas layered with diverse structures
That aid the vessel in becoming mobile
And discovering its role in the community
Of other organisms

Organs that control sight, smell, and taste
Organs that have the power to
Weave something out of nothing
Organs that give the power to
Move from one place to another
That is the human body in its entirety

A life unfulfilled cannot taste redemption
Until the body is acknowledged for what it is
It is meant to function, one way or another

Until it is seen as a vehicle filled with tools
There will always be conflict within the body
As well as externally
Taking control of these tools
Enables the soul occupying the body
To achieve its highest level

A soul is the core of the human body
It is what breathes life into the shell,
It feels emotion, distraught, devastation
To its most exaggerated level

Pensiveness, anxiety, insomnia
All these are diseases of the mind
The same way you take a painkiller for a headache,
The mind requires some numbing as well

Someone’s pain can be so deep
That they drive themselves into their grave
Another resorts to pirate-approved powders
And transforms themselves into the living dead
In hopes of bringing dreams to life

Note to self,
Pain that exists within the soul
Cannot be numbed with physical-form medication
It all comes down to the mind and the mind is an incredible organ
It is canvas created to carve or destroy
It is a compass built to either guide or lead astray
It acts as a mirror that projects the soul’s physical form
It is armour that shields and advocates for the heart

The same as every other organ in the body
It needs nourishment and minerals
To help it function more easily

The tool used by the mind to translate thought into expression

A thought-process that cleanses the mind
Getting rid of gloomy thoughts
Leaving a wave of positive ones

A source that connects the mind and the heart
A simple routine
The body is a vessel that acts as a tool
To transform a soul into a living, breathing human being