You fall for him.
You want to love him for the rest of your life,
No one can love him more than you.
But what good is it?

You give him your love,
Dedicate your precious time to the relationship.
You try to build intimacy with him
And share important details and information with him.
Instead you find nothing.

You don’t get to the point of asking him about his background.
When you do, he mumbles and rambles.
You want to know so much about him.
You want to love him, to treasure,
Cherish, adore and know him
But that rarely happens.

What good is it; to know he loves you,
If you don’t know a thing about him?
If you can’t share important matters?
You want to know his family, upbringing, culture and traditions.
What is love when you don’t know where he comes from?