How might that be

It is not after all
The same as

Happy Birthday
Happy New Year

Sharpeville 1960
And all other

(Langa Uitenhage
1985 too whilst
Sharpeville 1960)

Happy Human Rights Day
Says more than one
Morning radio person

Perhaps into
The feel-good
With the appropriate
Rite of speechifying
(an Earth Hour ritual too
as we Pledge away)

Human Rights Day
Named as such
So as to fit in
(With what again)

The Kingdom of Bhutan
Has a GNH and not a GNP
Gross national happiness
Is the ultimate goal
Of their economic policy

A long way still

Someone asks “Can the pursuit of happiness build a better world?” (Sunday Argus Business Report, March 20 2016). See ‘Long way still on journey to true liberation’ (Cape Times, March 20 2015). March 20 apparently is the “International Day of Happiness”.