Don’t cry.
It is the wish of ages to die,
The will I follow for now.
Oh, please don’t cry!
When I pass from this world,
Don’t say a word,
Don’t mourn for me.
Don’t say you were not warned.
These are my last words to you.

I will die soon.
Soon you will be free.
The song of freedom is starting.
The song of my heart will stop.

I’ll die tomorrow.
My heart is singing loudly.
Don’t miss me.
Don’t look at my photos.
As I will die in the future,
No one should laugh.
Neither should they cry,
As I will die peacefully,
Knowing that I leave a legacy –
A legacy of love of peace.

When I die
Throw my belongings in the sea,
Throw my poems in the deep water,
So no one will miss me.
So my spirit will die too.