I read –
I smile,
at those precious words by unknown writers.
I commit myself
To these words of wisdom.
These aren’t the monuments of comedy,
But are the sweetest words packed with rhymes.

I read –
I smile.
Poems that were held within someone’s mind
are now passed to their enthusiastic audience.
It was once told by our forefathers,
It was once told by our fathers…
That’s why i smile.

Inside my heart sings a song
My inner voice tell me that I am with Khulu now.
I know it’s rare,
But this poems reminds me of who I am.
Reminds me of how good it is to be an African.

Please write it again!
Write it in a manner of love.
So that I will pass it on to the future generations.
Please write it again.
Write it in an African language –
So that they will be able to read it!