This poem is dedicated to my newly-found sister, Sihle Mzimela.

I walked in a stranger.
But you welcomed me!
I was a foreigner…
but you told me –
We are one Nation.

I didn’t spend much time iwth you
But I can tell that
You are wonderful!
Being with you again and again
is my dearest wish.

I am fortunate to call you “sister”.
I have never tasted you
But I am sure you are sweeter than honey.
Your arms serve as the most powerful protection.
Your smile reflects what’s in your heart.
It brings joy to me.
It didn’t take me years to get to know you.
I hate having to read another person’s mind –
But yours, you opened to me when we first met.

All I can tell is “you are kindness”.
Love is within you.
Oh yes, I know I am not the perfect writer
But – I tell you what –
You are my perfect written poem…
You define hope, forgiveness, love and passion.
You are my light.
You are the star,
Who just happened to be my sister.