I’ve told you how i feel.
I’ve shown you how i felt.
You’re the reason I breathe;
the reason I smile.
Would you love the way I do?
Appreciate the one I am?

I’ve tried to show you more,
but you were too far away to see,
I’ve sent many letters,
Piled as high as mountains were sent,
Saying all that I had to say…

I wanted to tell you: ‘I love you’.
Now you know how I feel about you.

But, I’ve heard people say you are no longer alive.
I believe it is true.
I’ve been trying to get hold of you,
to see your grave.
But you are nowhere to be found.

I stand, staring at your photo.
I’m in tears,
in the knowledge I will never see you again.
My heart is aching –
My wishes have disappeared…
I wish I could see you again.