Love is a beautiful feeling
Even God sent his son to die for us
What a great love! Love is kind and patient
Love is eternal!

I’ve been searching for this kind of love
Most of us are failing to understand love because of experience
It looks fake because you haven’t experienced it
It looks dangerous because you have been hurt
It ends up in chaos
It’s bright, through that it flourishes the flowers and gives a great scent
Where is this love?

Some say it’s nonsense because they’ve never been loved
It’s a heartbreak after another
Love no longer exists
All they think is about hurting others
Because they never experienced love

Love conquerers all
It erases all the bad things like our sins
God had forgotten them, he loved us!
Only God has this love?
Love doesn’t choose colour, race or tribe
Love is good feeling
Beautiful thing created by God
It’s a natural thing that is created by attraction
That is how I see it

Love is contagious, you will spread it because it’s eternal
Love is sweet and pure
When you are hurt, love fades
Your mind will tell you
Love is overrated and dangerous
Hearts are fragile precautions to make you avoid being hurt
And love will be stupid

It’s now useless to love because no one gives a damn
Those who fall in love will be stupid too
Nowadays love made it complicated
Especially when poison is involved
Those who fall in love are now foolish
People have lost respect for love

We view love as wicked
Hearts will be broken
It becomes shit and fake
That’s how we view it

In order to make love carry its name
You have to be a bird and hold onto it till it stops flying
Or let it go so it can fly away
The whole decade has erased the meaning of love
Love is an intense feeling of affection or care towards one another
Love is a deep liking for something
You first like then love

Love is profound and caring attraction towards someone
That is love but it has now been erased on earth
Love is covered by hate
Hate rules now!