A sport for real men and women,
My source of comfort and relief.
Tough but benificial. A sport
Mastered by legends, like, Anorld
Schwarzenegger, Ronnie Coleman,

Undertaken by those with
Patience and dedication.
“No pain, no gain!”
Is our common slogan.
I have entitled myself to
It with a certain goal,
To be huge.

Your muscles, your pride!
I was told that “A man’s
Confidence is determined by
His chest size.” When the legacy
Of a legend ends, another one
Begins, and fortunately this is mine.

Will I ever qui? Will I ever
Surrender on such a profession
Every rep I practice,
Every pain I experience,
Is just one step closer to my goal.
Nothing will stand in my way,
Including death.

I’ll be cremated on a Trogan bench,
My ashes buried in a gym.
After that day, the legacy of the “beast”
Will leave on!