When the walls of Jericho start to fall,
Flames ravaging them with no sympathy.
Thunder cracks blinding whips behind a furious squall.
Trees dropping leaves harshly.
The hen cackles for its chicks to settle.
To take refuge from the angry sky that roars like a crime.

People scatter like lunatics escaping an asylum.
The time has finally come,
In front of me the world crumbles.
Shrinking smaller by the minute,
Leaving the pompous humbled.

Kings fall off their thrones; kingdoms perish.
Presidents quiver at the sight of peril.
Losing all the power they cherished.
A mother stops crying for her silly child.
Sons of men turn wild.
Like rabid dogs, friends lock jaws on each other’s throats.
Love coldly floats in an algae-infested moat.
Like a carcass of an animal caught in a hunter’s snare.
The world we share has lost care.
And foolishly killed loved that provided it with breath.
Now it is its turn to fade,
Its soul a distant whiff in the haze.
So I bow, paying my last respects to the dying world.
If only I could save love.
Maybe this world could live longer.