We are women and we are fragile,
we are women and are sensitive,
we cry and we show our emotions,
when we are sad or happy we may end up in tears,
we stand pains that no man has ever felt or can stand,
we are hard workers and we know what we want,
we protect, we provide and we save lives and we are strong,
we worry about our weight,
we have our fears, are competitive with our peers,
we see competition in one another,
we do get nervous and sometimes too excited,
we can do anything ourselves, we are complete on our own,
but we like to be pampered, spoiled and protected.
we appreciate appreciation of memories we shared,
we take our time to look great and to appreciate ourselves,
yet we still enjoy attention and appreciate compliments,
we want to feel that we are needed and understood,
we love deep and we deserve to be loved deeper,
we have our moods but we don’t need to explain ourselves,
more often than not we are weakened by the intrinsic nature of men,
Yes, we are women and we are fantastic like that.


This piece is part of a special collection of essays and poems called Women in the World. Click here to browse more stimulating reads.