If you think I am not serious
Then you are kidding
Cause this is not a kind of joke
For my heart is too serious

If you think I am lustful
Then tell me your behaviour is feigned
My mind insane
My vision so improvident

Of course I am too hasty
But, if you teach me how to slow down
With assurance
I won’t fear losing you anymore

If I look like I am not serious
And your ‘no’ is with doubt
Then we are both pretending
For our hearts badly need each other

Let’s stop this pretence
That has imprisoned our own feelings
Denying them their will
Of fondness and care for each other

Let’s release this cat out of the bag
To publicise our deeper emotions
That lie hidden deep down in our hearts
Concealing our joys and happiness

If you really care and love me
I do care and love you too
Put on your beautiful smile
And let us hold, accepting our feelings.