First of all
This is no poem
I mean…
Reader, read between the lines
Because I might open your eyes
With the power of My Mystic Pen

I have the right to write
A letter about the State Officials
That lack leadership skills
Yet they never cease to be ministers of our education system

Because the Public Sector doesn’t care about us
Children who hunger and strive to end the social economic issues
That affects not only the townships
But destroys the young ambitious children by the drugs

These drugs
That these police provide to the dealers for commission

I mean…mnxim

How can I write something fantastic about the human’s rights day?
The reality violates every bit of dignity that we barely have
Where did it go?
I don’t know
Where did we go wrong?
It’s all just so rhetorical

Back on my Fundza Expression Pad
I continue this Freedom of Expression
Like Zuma building his ‘K.Z.N Paradise’
With my grandmother’s pension fund
And your father’s Compensation Fund