The splashing falls beamed while pounding awash,
and her lips were sweeter than syrup upon the kiss.
I gently held her down to sit on her gorgeous haunches,
her beauty was radiant and her perfume tranquilising.
At the start of my serenade, I kissed her like crazy.
Caressing her cosy breast, I cuddled her in a passionate embrace,
knowing that I wanted her with every fibre of my being.

Magic at Victoria falls – Victoria dazzles magic in style.
We had the cabin to ourselves and the night was painted red,
when I kissed her on the breast, on the forehead and the ear,
an erotic sensation struck my body like a thunderbolt.
I froze the moment I touched her precious pond.
Then I crept closer to the brilliance of her fantasy vase,
sending my searching fingers around every silken curve of her.
While hovering over the sprawled figure, I dramatically drew my dagger.

I slowly eased myself into the gem that is her very essence.
At the ultimate height of her pinnacle, she relaxed and I pounced.
Hooked by her enticing eyes, I permeated her pond like steel.
As we interlocked our arms in a frenzy of steamy jostles,
our pampered frames fused up in super-gravitational vogue.
A hormonal heavy current triggered a shimmering foam in me,
and I proffered my lifeblood down there, way below her belly button.
Upon the subsided tide, she lay there affectionately gazing at me.